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GRAND OPENING OF SS Firefly! All sections are up except for fanart because I have nothing to put there as of yet. Anyone know a good place with fanart that won't mind if I put 'em up on a femslash site?

W E L C O M E to SS FIREFLY. Please be warned that this site contains femslash content, two girls together in a romantic relationship.

SS FIREFLY is the ship name for the pairing of Ginny Weasley and Cho Chang. Anyone familiar with the series (and we assume that you are) would see the irony of it.

So, still care to explore the site? You may need a guide because the captain is a bit unhinged and made navigating the site a bit confusing.
    CHOCOLATE FROGS are well-known for their Famous Witches and Wizards cards, so if you wish to find out more about Ginny and Cho and the reasons WHY, go here!
    The RESTRICTED SECTION is where the interested and curious mind can go to find fanworks by supporters of this pairing. Mind you, Madame Pince will require your note before you can enter *sniggers* Actually no, I just wanted to say that.
    Seekers after the ever-elusive GOLDEN SNITCH can rest easy and just nab it here. Show your support!
    The ASTRONOMY TOWER is THE snogging spot in Hogwarts. Too bad the members of SS Firefly have set up camp keeping people out. Unless your name is either Cho Chang or Ginny Weasley. Then you'd have to go in together before they let you in ^__~. Sitely stuff can be found here after all.

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Please refrain from flaming if you disapprove of the content of the site. Don't bother telling me that I'm going to hell either. I already struck up a deal that the soul of the people who flame me get sent there instead of mine. I'm kidding of course. Flames will be given to pyro!Ginny
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