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Can you catch it? No snogging allowed! Unless you're Cho and Ginny

The Golden Snitch section, also known as the one where Natsumi shoves all miscellaneous stuff. Herein lies banners and avatars with which to show your support of our lovely pair, and the FictionAlley Park ship: SS Firefly information!

Originally started on February 11, 2002, this small ship (Natsumi insists on calling it a raft. Or a ghost ship. She's nuts. We don't know her, really.) has been sailing bravely on the turbulent seas of the SCUSA forum on FictionAlley Park.

Natsumi knew that there was a terrible shortage of F/F slash in this particular fandom, but found that there WERE people who supported it. She also noted that there were some people who had stated an interest in Ginny/Cho, much to her delight, and she found some fanfics (on which gave her the idea of Ginny/Cho in the first place. A fic idea came up, and soon, SS Firefly was born.

Natsumi was worried for a while that no one would join, but certain wonderful people did, and they are responsible for keeping the thread alive.

And as I am becoming terribly tiresome I shall stop, and present to you the wonderful ship members of SS Firefly:

Co-Captains: Natsumi and Kakia
Firefly-catcher: padma's girl
Navigator: Moony's Girl
Cabin Girl: Tarabitha
Bartender: Alcfeniel
Chef: Calypso
Ship Doctor: Sphere's Delight
Lookout: Magical Quill
Guards the Broom Closet: Annchen
Keeper of the Cedric Memorial Shrine: Tess
Iron Chef: monkeymouse

(please note that both are on FictionAlley Park, and while you can post if you are unregistered, certain options are only available to registered members.

Occasionally, we get little ideas in our head for official ship stuff.
Ship Drink (PG-13): French Kiss (vodka and raspberry liqueur)
Ship Drink (NC-17): Clit Lick (Tequila and OJ)
Ship Song: My Sacrifice by Creed (why do you think it's plastered all over the site, eh?)
Ship Broomstick: Firely! We market our own brand of broomsticks, yo!

Now, we keep getting asked, "Why does your crazy captain keep referring to Firefly as a raft, or a ghost ship?"
Therein lies a boring tale. Natsumi refers to Firefly as a "raft" because compared to REALLY large ships like Pumpkin Pie, or even Guns and Handcuffs, Firefly IS a raft. And the ghost ship deal: "The ghost ship was sort of a joke since I stumbled over the Master Ship list (*dazed look* Now I can't find it to check!) and did not see a listing for SS Firefly... so we have a thread HERE on SCUSA and Ship Staff, but not "recognized" per se on the Master Ship List, so we're a ghost ship! I quite like our status actually. But Plu laid down the law, and thus I had to put in an entry in the registry, and we are now officially listed. Drat."

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une deux trois quatre
Hello my friend we meet again
It's been a while
Where should we begin
Feels like forever
Within my heart are memories
Of perfect love that you gave to me
I remember

T H E - G O L D E N - S N I T C H
---Quidditch? Yeah! 'Cause we know that it's the RAVENCLAW Seeker Ginny likes